Multiple Brokers, Data, News Sources

Supports multiple popular brokerages like TD, Tradier, eTrade, Ally, Alpaca, QuoteMedia, Webull, Robinhood and more

Multiple Accounts

Easily add multiple accounts, different types and switch to any account with one tap ease

Multiple Devices - Native Reliable High Performance

Can simultaneously use multiple devices for same account

Multiple Platforms - Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Web

Can mix and match any device on any supported platform.

Multi Region Secured Cloud Platform

Speed for global and closer cloud access

Multiple Services - Simple yet feature packed

Allows multi service subscriptions on same platform.

Advanced AI Platform - Power of hedge funds for retail

Algorithm and AI based strategy executions


Default screeners and multiple filters


Unlimited local and broker watchlists

Triggers and Real-Time Push Notification Alerts

Easy triggers that works 24x7. Real-time push notifications when triggers conditions are met. Example: Price threshold alerts.

Smart Notifications with Granular Controls

Strategy and specific alert type notifications and ability for user control

Full Pre and Post Market Support

4am to 8pm EST support. Some brokers don't support full pre market.

Data Source Selection

Select subscription or broker data source for account

News Source Selection

Select default, broker or subscription news source.

Market Indexes

Keep close tab on overall markets

Sorting, Filtering, Context-Sensitive Settings

Sort on any columns, detailed filters, context sensitive settings

Quick Actions and Quick Info

Active buttons, indicators, quick jump and quick info

Paper/Simulator Trading

Paper trading with real time data feed. Available across all trading tools for practice.


Dark, Light and System Theme


Multiple languages like English, Hindi

Disaster Recovery

Cloud periodic back and restore


Free Beginner, Intermediate Courses

Beginners and intermediate courses to trade markets with confidence.

Strategy Specific Advanced Courses

Courses for specific trader strategy

Pro Trader Marketplace

Pro Traders Catalog

Select your favorite pro trader based on past performance, strategy, trading style and budget

Multiple Pro Trader Subscriptions

Can subscribe to multiple pro traders or services.

One Swipe to Order, Alerts from Pro Trades

Easy ordering, alerts, updates from specific pro trades.

Trades, Updates, News alerts for strategy

Real time push notifications and unique sounds for strategy and corresponding trades, updates and news.


Stock Fundamentals

Find all stock fundamental stats in one place easy to consume

Stock Technical

Find all stock technicals stats in one place easy to consume. Use it on charts as well.

Streaming Stock Charts

Real time stock charts

Streaming Level 1 Quotes, Delayed Quotes

Default delayed quote and real-time Level 1 quote based on data subscription.

Streaming Level 2 Time/Sales and Depth

Level 2 Time and Sales based on broker or data subscription.

Streaming News

Real time streaming news based on broker or subscription.

Stock Analysis

Simple to consume analysts recommendations, rating changes, target price

Stock Quick Links

One place with common and popular links for external websites for stock research


View Stock, Crypto Markets, News, Economic Calendar, Indices and more


Market Order

Market Order across all supported brokers

Limit Order

Limit orders with various TIFs

Stop Order

Standard Stop Order

Trigger, OCO Order

First trigger OCO and combined buy, sell and stop order

Trail Stop Order with trail suggestion

Trail Stop with auto calculation of ATR based trail with common multiples

Cancel Order

Cancel specific order or Cancel All for specific symbol or Cancel all Open orders

Modify Order

Modify an open order

Similar Order

Quickly create another order based on existing order

Level 2 Ordering

Send orders directly from Level 2 DOM with confirmation or one click ordering

Direct Routing

Select direct routing to exchange, market makers and alternative to broker smart routing. Available for select brokers only.

Customizable Hotkeys

Use default or customize your hotkeys easily. Your settings are saved on cloud.

Customizable Hot Buttons

Use default or easily customize hotbuttons

Custom Layout for Active Traders

Create custom layout with adjustible height and widgets arrangement in row, columns

Split Screen Responsive Layout

Use it side by side with popular apps like thinkorswim or TradingView on tablets in split view mode

Multiple TIF - Day, GTC, GTC_E

Choice of multiple TIF

Auto Trades

Trader assist that allows auto trade execution if enabled and configured.

Trade from Charts

Buy/Sell from Charts and View positions on Chart as well.



View all account positions in real time. Tile or table view with sort, filter


View all transactions in real time. Some brokers update overnight only. Infinite scroll table view with sort, filter


Auto computed gains calculations from transactions

Cloud Insights

Over 35+ cloud insights for your brokerage account

Account Performance

Easy to consume important account performance in one place

Account Detailed Trading Stats

Complete details of your trading stats

Export CSV, PDF Reports

Export your positions, transactions, gains as CSV. Generate cloud insights, stats and performance PDF report

Streaming Account Activity

Account activity real time updates for order execution, fills and others

General Account Information

One place to view buying power, equity and common account information

Multiple Account Aggregation

All your accounts across various brokerages in one place

Account Trade Lock

Lock your account for trading. Prevents any accidental ordering.


Group Discussion Room

Chat securely with privacy in group chat rooms with fellow traders


Group Support Room

Ask any support related questions in group support room

FAQs and Support Tickets

Use FAQs for self support, chat with agent or raise support ticket for additional support

Mentoring Sessions

Book a mentoring session or join group mentoring


Access our exclusive affiliates network to boost your trading experience.

Services Status

Cloud micro services status and notifications for maintenance or outage

Risk Management

Buying Power Threshold

Buying power threshold helps margin accounts to keep account in safe limits.

Cost Threshold

Cost threshold helps you to manage cash or margin for your account

Security and Privacy

Biometrics (Face-ID, Touch-ID) Login

Highly secured FaceID or Touch ID login support on supported devices. Ease and high security

Social Media Secure Login Support

Use existing google account or Apple account for secured login with 2FA

Device and Login Audit Trail

Device login audit trail available to user.

Apple ID with Privacy Relay Login Support

Apple ID login support with privacy relay login

User Privacy from Pro Trader and vice-versa

Pro traders cannot view user contact information and vice versa

User Privacy for Group Discussions, Support Room

User names are auto generated for group discussions or group support for user privacy

External Security Audit

External Security Audit by Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), OSCP, OSWE

User Device Logging

Ability to clear device application logs or view/send logs to Support